Custom rendering in JSON Forms for all the fields

Is there any drawbacks or advantages in using json forms where we have to use custom rendering for All the Form fields throughout the application?

Hi @vijaysince89,

That’s actually a pretty common use case. Many companies have their own component kit which they are required to use for all their UIs including forms.

You can still use @jsonforms/core and if you use React, Angular or Vue the corresponding @jsonforms/react, @jsonforms/angular and @jsonforms/vue(2) bindings to get a lot functionality already handed over.

The good news is that a basic renderer set of a simple layout renderer and all primitive controls can usually be created in a low amount of time, i.e. usually in less than a person week. From there on you just add whatever specialization is actually needed in your use cases.

Even developers who initially just use one of the off-the-shelf renderer sets like React Material UI often add so many additional custom renderers over time for their special use cases that the amount of saved effort by using the predefined renderers becomes negligible

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