Does JSON Forms also work with react native?

We have a hybrid mobile app backed up with a web application. Web application uses Angular. However we want to explore react native for the hybrid app. Was wondering if JSONForms supports react native as well.

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You can reuse @jsonforms/core and @jsonforms/react and then write your own React Native renderer set. Another user of JSON Forms already did that on their own, see here.


Hii @sdirix ,
But I could see that the rendered are written by the user himself. Here, the user has written code only for RadioGroup

So if I want a bunch of controls and layouts for my business need, should I re-write the entire components?
Thanks in advance

Hi @sowmyav82,
At the moment we’re not planning to implement and maintain a React Native renderer set. So yes you’ll eventually need to implement a complete own renderer set or find someone else who did it themselves and is willing to share their efforts.

In case you need help you might want to consider our professional support offerings.

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Thank you so much stefan

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