Library of Custom Renderers?


Is there a library somewhere of custom renderers for JSON Forms that I can browse through?

We’re creating a custom renderer now for a very specific object-to-object mapping use case and wonder if someone else has already solved this problem before. If not, I’d love to share what we’re building to help the next person that stumbles across this problem!


I’m not aware of a library of custom renderers. There are some code listings within this forum and the Github issues which might be helpful.

Aah, is there a plan to roll one out? OR is there an appropriate spot I can throw our renderer into for other folks to use?

Would it be appropriate to upload them to npm via e.g. @jsonforms/renderer/someCustomRenderer. This is where I originally searched for a GeoPoint/Map renderer.

At the moment we don’t plan to share the @jsonforms namespace with 3rd party / community renderers. Of course you can publish your own custom renderers in any namespace you like. In fact there are already forks and custom renderer sets out there.