How can I create json-form cutom renderer in vue.js

I am using vuetify-custom-render
want to implement something like this on the top of vuetify-custom-renderer

if anyone can suggest any article, implementation, etc on creating custom renderer in vue it would help alot. Thanks

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Hi @surajnarsale,

“off-the-shelf” renderers and custom renderers use exactly the same mechanisms, patterns etc., so basically any renderer is a custom renderer. Therefore I would recommend looking through the code base to see how our existing Vuetify renderers are implemented and implement your renderer in a similar way.

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Thanks a lot @sdirix

@surajnarsale … I too am trying to write a custom renderer … I’m using Material rather than vue but if you need a buddy to pull notes on what it takes … feel free to chat me here. I’m making poor progress but maybe if we pull our resources we can make some progress and decode it for us all. I can look at sample code all day long but decoding the “architecture” and “data flows” doesn’t come out of looking at code :slight_smile:


Thanks @kolban-google
we can connect