Renderers for the Quasar framework


I have worked with the renderer set for Vuetify2 in the past, and have been experimenting with the branch for Vuefity3 renderers, but haven’t made the full switch to Vue3+Vuetify3 because of JSONForms not ready. I also came to the conclusion that the default renderers are too limited for my use, so I started to create my own extended custom renderers. Still early in the process…

I’m now starting to get tempted to switch entirely to Quasar and developing my own renderer set from scratch. I wonder if anyone knows of existing ports to Quasar that I could use as a start or contribute to? If not, I’ll likely start my own github repo and create the renderers to my own taste, but evidently free to be used by everyone.

Hi @kobbejager,

The Vue3 + Vuetify 3 renderers mostly work fine. They don’t support all of the Vuetify 2 use cases but the core ones are there. If you are interested in testing and polishing the current state, then that contribution would be very welcomed.

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Hi @kobbejager,

I use the Vuetify 3 renderers and they are OK for my current use case, but I’m about to create some more complex forms that I expect will need extra work.

What areas do you find are not sufficient at the moment? If you can give some examples of your use cases and how it could be better supported, maybe we can co-ordinate improvements to the renderers.

Hi @yaffol and @sdirix

What I miss in the Vuetify 3 renderers are partly some missing key features from the JSON Schema standards, such as pre-filling inputs with “default” and “const” values. Also supporting “examples” in the JSON Schema is kind off essential to me (I know that there is “suggestions” in the UI schema, but that is not the same).
Besides that, I had already implemented custom renderers that take (non-standard) JSON schema properties to load examples and enums from (own and third party) APIs.
On my wishlist were also more dense renderers for simple arrays as v-selects with the multiple property.

Anyway, my mind is set. I’ll make the switch to Quasar, as I have the feeling that Vuetify has lost it’s momentum after the late switch to version 3, and because of several annoyances I have with the framework. This has nothing to do with JSONforms, which I still plan to use. I’ll try to port and extend the Vuetify renderers to Quasar.