Tentative timeline of Vue.js 3 renderer set in H1 2021 means Q1 2021?

[original thread by maulik-modi]

Our plan is to release @jsonforms/vue (Vue 3) and @jsonforms/vue2 (Vue 2) in a first version very soon. We’ll also work on a basic renderer set after that and also plan to release a first version soonish, i.e. within Q1. If you’re interested in the current state, you can have a look at the vue branch in the JSON Forms repository.

The packages @jsonforms/vue and @jsonforms/vue2 are now released. Stay tuned for the release of a basic renderer set we are currently working on.

See the Vue 3 and Vue 2 readmes for instructions on how to use them and write your own renderer set.


wow, that’s wonderful news…Vue3 support is awesome for new projects