Npm release for JSON Forms Vuetify renderers

Do we have a release date for JSON Forms Vuetify Renderers and have that in npm registry ?

Hi @kchobantonov! Thank you again for your great contribution!

We’ll prerelease very soon. It’s always hard for me to give any specific date, but I would guess the prerelease will be within the next two weeks. The “stable” release will then happen with the full JSON Forms 3.0 release as the renderers depend on 3.0 functionality. Also we’re considering an automated prerelease process on every commit to main, so you can always directly consume the latest version.

@kchobantonov Just released the first version of the vuetify renderers (@jsonforms/vue2-vuetify@3.0.0-alpha.2) :wink:

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@sdirix Greatly appreciated! Thanks