When Is the new release happening?

Hi there, just found your awesome forms tool! Back in June you talked about a major new release. When is that coming? Just looking at when to jump onboard with a new project we have which could use the tool.


Yes the work on the release is ongoing. You can find the current planning in terms of action items via our Github milestones. Once all items for Milestone 3.0 are completed we’ll do a stable release. I can’t really give you a date as this depends a bit on our workload, issues found during testing and the prioritization items of our paid clients.

The only large user facing change left is the update to the latest Material UI v5 for the React Material renderers. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s necessary to wait for the stable release of 3.0 as the API changes are going to be minimal. To be as compatible as possible you might want to use the 3.0 alpha versions. We’ll continue to release new versions on the next stream of JSON Forms, i.e. the 3.0.0-alpha.X versions.