Stable release estimate for v2.5.0-alpha.1?


There is a fix in v2.5.0-alpha.1 that we would like to use in our project but we’re wondering if the full release might be happening soon.


[original thread by Ricardo Guntur]

Hi @ricardo-guntur(ricardo-guntur), we plan to release version 2.5.0 this month.

Our master branch is usually in a good state, so it’s mostly fine to use our alpha releases in production. We do this ourselves in some projects when we need a specific feature. The main difference is that for each regular release we do some dedicated manual testing while for alpha releases we rely solely on automated tests. Also especially for new alpha features you should recheck the code when upgrading to the next regular release as we use the liberty of “alpha” releases to sometimes change parts of the API which are not yet part of the official release.

[Ricardo Guntur]


JSON Forms 2.5.0 is now released! See Release v2.5.0 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub for the changelog.