Creating editor for custom component

Hey everyone! I’m working on integrating a custom component with JsonForms in my React app. Specifically, I’m trying to create an editor for a custom component so i can get the uischema and jsonschema. I’ve already created the custom component and registered it with JsonForms, but I’m wondering if anyone has tips on best practices for creating and integrating custom editors.
Any insights or real-world examples would be greatly appreciated!

Is there any previous example !!

Hi @mohamedali69,

What exactly do you mean with an “editor”? All off-the-shelf provided renderers use exactly the same mechanisms as custom renderers, so you can simply look through the code base for examples.

I mean the drag and drop editor i want use it with custom renderers.

Each custom control can render arbitrary UI. So if you want to render some kind of drag-and-drop editor in a custom control then this is perfectly doable.

If instead you are talking about the json-forms-editor then you can take a look at the sources here. Feel free to clone the repo and add arbitrary custom renderers. Please be aware of that the editor was not updated for quite a while and therefore uses a very old version of JSON Forms.

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thanks for you response, i did clone the repo and when installing the packages there is several problem like deprecated packages