JSON forms used in custom renderer

Thanks folks for this excellent product. Quick question - can we use JSONform for rending a custom renderer as well? I have a usecase where i need to collect information for top level form. Embedded custom component needs to display few additional fields but should update only relevant fields to parent form.

[original thread by Vijay Mishra]

Hi @vijay-mishra, thanks for your interest in JSON Forms. We value customization so you can do almost anything with JSON Forms. Once your custom renderer gets control you are in charge and can render whatever you want, dispatching back to JSON Forms at some point or keeping the control ‘forever’.

Regarding your use case: It’s certainly possible to link fields within a form and also to link 2+ forms together. Can you elaborate more about your use case so I can give better advice? I don’t fully understand what your requirements are. Ideally you could post your JSON Schema (or an example one) and/or a visual mockup including the data object you want to have in the end.


I agree with @sdirix JSON Forms is very flexible and customisable. You can do any thing with it. I have created few custom component for example I have created image type field which display image from url and also gives you ability upload image. The upload button uploads image to backend and the generated url it sets in JSON Forms data.
Even you can create a cell also. This is how I created cell renderer.