Custom Renderer

Hi I am new to JSONForms. I have a question, can we use define schema and ui-schema for a custom renderer itself.
so in main UI-schema I give type of control as Address and Address renderer itself has embedded schema and ui schema.

Second what is the use of ResolvedJsonFormsDispatch, donot under stand what it means to dispatch.

Hi @Harpreet.Singh,

Technically this is possible yes. Each custom renderer gets full control and can also just operate on a different schema and uischema if they want to. If you embed these custom schemas and uischemas directly within your root schema or ui schema then you can also read them directly from the respective schema or uischema props.

However note that operating on a completely different schema within a form is not a foreseen use case. So for example you will not get any validation errors determined by JSON Forms for this schema, instead you will need to do this yourself. Also the form-wide data will be shared, so if a “nested” schema defines the same properties as the root schema, you will (by default) render controls which then operate on the same data.

If your use case is to just visually render forms nested within each other although technically they are not connected at all, then you are better off by adding a custom renderer to the first form to then visually embed a second form via a React Portal.