Is there something like jsonfroms-element?

Hello probably @sdirix :grinning:
There is one library called ngx-schema-form and it has an additional element to its form element which looks like that
<sf-form-element [formProperty]=“itemProperty”>
I didn’t find any information about it, but judging by legacy code that I have it is kinda part of sf-from (analog of our jsonfroms element) and it takes as property some data to render in it.
So my question do we have something like that in jsonforms (like jsonfroms-element) ?
If not, is it possible to display widgets on the page without jsonforms ?
Should I give more details?

Hi @ContrRus, if I understand correctly you’re looking for an additional component besides <JsonForms/> to only render only part of a form, possibly hard coding a certain renderer.

This is not supported by JSON Forms at the moment. However you can always just hand over a part of your JSON Schema and render multiple JsonForms components.

Thank you for the replay
Yes, you understood correctly about rendering part of a form. But I don’t need to hard code renderer.
So if it’s not possible for the moment.
Can I use customRender standalone? Without schema?

Hi @ContrRus, we export all renderers so in theory some of them could be used standalone. For this you would need to use their unbound variants (i.e. unwrapped), as the default exported ones are bound to a properly configured JSON Forms context. This will not work for layouts and for renderers which directly consume a context.

However that is not a particular valuable use case. Using such a raw renderer standalone you gain almost nothing as you need to do all the wiring yourself and deliver the props in exactly the way the renderer expects. The props are tailor made to fit to our core utilities which you would then probably not be using.