OnChange or something like that on Angular env

Hi All,

I’m working with jsonforms creating dropdowns fields and now I’m having a problem, I created a OneOf schema where it is dependent on another field, when I select the first one, I can filter the other ones correctly without problems. Now, I need to clear/reload the fields/data when I want, but when I try to do it I receive an error in a console, whole information is coming from the API endpoint, then, I need a function or property to do a new API call without lost the information that I already filled, I have this scenario:

Field 1 - Countries
Field 2 - States of the country
Field 3 - Cities of State


I selected Brazil on Field 1, and now I have all states from Brazil, then I can select Santa Catarina in a Field 2 and can select Florianópolis in the Field 3, now I need select in Field 1 USA, and when I select it, I need to refresh the Field 2 and Field 3, where the Field 2 will appear the states from the USA and the Field 3 will appear the cities of the state selected.

Does someone have any idea how to achieve it in an Angular environment?