Same enum / oneof used in several

my form contains several time dropdown list with same enumerations
for example, the form ask for your birth country, the birth country of your mother, the birth country of your father…
the country list has 195 items : I’d like to to have to repeat that each time in the schema.json (to easily be able to update the list)
what i the most efficient way (in term of display overhead and easy to implement) to do that ?
should I use a custom renderer ? in this case, how to populate the enum ?
should I use a kind of include in the schema.json ?

Thanks !

[i’ll have different basic questions during the following days to be sure to use in the best way jsonforms. I’ve prefer to ask them separately ; as is, other persons will be more easily be able to reuse the replies !]

Hi @clysss,

For this you can use $ref within the JSON Schema, see here.

Ah great ! can’t be more easy !