New Open-Source JSONForms Editor


we’re building a new JSONForms visual editor under MIT license and i would like to collect first feedback and start a discussion about it.

Here you can find an online demo: Formbuilder Demo

The source can be found here: GitHub - backoffice-plus/formbuilder

What do you think?



Hi @Julian,

I played around with it a bit and I like it very much! Great work!

I saw that you are using a fork of the @jsonforms/vue-vanilla renderers. Are there features missing for you in @jsonforms/vue-vanilla? Would be interested what changes you did on top.

If you like we’ll happily feature you in the community section of the website. If you want to be featured then just tell me how you would like to be acknowledged or create a PR yourself against the website repository.

Hi @sdirix,

you can find the repo here: GitHub - backoffice-plus/jsonforms-vue-vanilla-boplus
its mostly a port from the vue2-vuetify repo to a vanilla based solution. especially object, array, combinators & tabs.

Hi @sdirix,

Thank you for the great feedback!

We created a standalone landing page for the editor here:

Our plan is to add some more basic features like file upload / download and add the examples from the main JSON Forms website. It can be then used for playing around / getting started / occasionally editing a form with JSON Forms.

I created a pull request for the community section of the JSON forms website.

Our partner Miragon already repackaged our editor as a VSCode extension, which can be used for professional development workflows:

GitHub - Miragon/miranum-json-forms: Build and display forms directly in Visual Studio Code. (search for “Miranum JSON Forms” in VS-Code Extensions)

We’re currently building a product named “” where we are planning to integrate our editor with the Theia IDE.



Hi @sdirix,

My first intention was to implement the missing ObjectRenderer. (it was added in the 3.2 version).
Little by little more ports from the Vuetify Renderer Set have been added. Also some fixes (Date, DateTime, Const) and new features (Password, Multitype)

I have created a comparison here: JSON Forms Vue Vanilla Renderer by

I would like to contribute some (or all) of it to the vue-vanilla Repo.

Are there things to know why some features have not been implemented in vue-vanilla so far, especially compared to the material renderer set?

Hi @davewwww,

Our practice has been to maintain and update our packages based on our own requirements, requests from our clients, or contributions from the community. As there is not as much interest in “Vanilla”, there naturally are less supported features.

We’re always open to integrating renderer contributions into existing sets, provided they address general JSON Schema or UI Schema use cases, rather than being tailored for specific, singular applications. Additionally, we require unit tests for all new renderers to ensure reliability and maintainability.

Looking at your comparison, all the renderers look useful to me! We’ll definitenly take a look, should you open an PR :grinning:

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