JSONForrms 3.0 Editor

Hi, i need to develop an editor to build forms in JSON, so i found @jsonforms/editor on NPM but there is a message that says it is deprecated in favor of @jsonforms/material-tree-renderer.
I would want to know:

  1. Is @jsonforms/material-tree-renderer an editor like @jsonforms/editor?
  2. Can I use @jsonforms/material-tree-renderer or @jsonforms/editor with JSONForms 3.0?

P.S. I accept advices.


Hi @TannicArturo98,

both the currently published jsonforms/editor as well as the @jsonforms/material-tree-renderer are very much outdated and no longer maintained. We don’t plan to update them to work with JSON Forms 3.0.

The rewrite of the editor can be found in this repo is not released yet. It’s also using an older version of JSON Forms however it should be straightforward to update it to the latest version.