Jsonforms 3.0 - material renderer / React - oneOf / anyOf do not show titles anymore

Hi there!

Recently we switched to JsonForms 3.1 and replaced the former 2.x react version using the material design renderer.

It is indeed a bit faster now, but we observe that using oneOf the resulting tabs do not show the titles anymore. We use more complex object types, but the title keys of them were always shown.

I tried to have a look at the examples, (Combinators Example - JSON Forms) but here the situation is the same.

Does someone know if this can be fixed on the schema side or is it bug/feature which has not been ported to 3.x yet? Or can you provide an example using 3.x which shows the desired behavior please?

Thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:

Hi @anotherUser,

This is certainly not intended and therefore a bug. If I’m not mistaken then this was already fixed last month, it’s just not yet released.

I’ll make sure that we release another alpha soon so you can consume and test the fix

Hi @sdirix,
thank you for the quick answer and the clearification!

Have a good day!

I saw the recent new alpha 3.2 and we tried to use it.
Unfortunately we could not run it:

npm ERR! code ETARGET
npm ERR! notarget No matching version found for @jsonforms/core@3.1.1-alpha.1.

are we missing something?

Hi @anotherUser,

Thanks for the report! You’re right, the peerDependencies were incorrectly updated during the last alpha release. We’ll fix it right away. If possible for you, then install version 3.2.0-alpha.0 of all @jsonforms packages in your project and ignore the peerDependencies errors until the fix is released.

Hi @anotherUser,

Thank you again for the report :heart: . Version 3.2.0-alpha.1 is now released with the fixed peerDependencies

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