JSON for localization - prevent localization of values inside dropdown with i18n


We are using i18n for translation of JSON forms, all labels and description are getting translated properly but in dropdown values or enum we are seeing it is replaced by “property path”.title, is there anyway to prevent translation of values Inside dropdown?


Hi @abhi_rathore,

The translator type looks like this:

(key: string, defaultMessage: string | undefined, context: unknown) => string

Returning the defaultMessage for all keys which you don’t want to translate will turn the translation off for them, i.e. the default message will be used.

So you need to make sure that you do exactly that. Many internationalization frameworks fall back to return the key if they don’t have a translated message. Maybe that’s the same case for you, if yes, then you need to check for that case and return the defaultMessage instead.

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