Enum default value not working

I am trying to display the schema below, but JSONForms ignore the ‘default’ value:

        category: {
                      title: 'category',
                      type: 'string',
                      enum: ['Category1', 'Category2'],
                      default: 'Category1'

Am I missing something?

[original thread by Lukas Freimonas]

[Lukas Freimonas]

Am I right to assume it does not work without the preset data for this ‘category’ field?

Hi @lukas-frm(lukas-frm) , please see this answer: https://spectrum.chat/jsonforms/general/help-with-default-values~04e3450f-1c96-4a0b-a5aa-6bb662ad861e?m=MTU4NjkzMzI0NzI1NQ==