Introducing New UI Builder for JSON Forms 🚀

We are a Cyber Security SaaS platform called Defense Station. We wanted our users to seamlessly create any type of forms to request or send any kind of data securely. Despite exploring the official project (which is currently outdated) and several third-party options, we encountered many challenges. So we decided to develop a new project. This project combines the best features from existing builders, offering a great UI and best form creation experience.

:movie_camera: Check Out the Project in Action!

We’ve compiled a short video showcasing the capabilities and intuitive design of our new UI Builder. Your insights are incredibly valuable to us.

[Full Video Here]

:camera_flash: A Glimpse into the UI Builder

To give you a taste of what’s in store, we’ve included some screenshots that highlight the builder’s user-friendly interface.

:bulb: We Want Your Feedback!

Your thoughts and feedback play a crucial role in shaping the future of this project. We’re considering making this project open-source and would love to hear your opinion on this. Additionally, we would love to know the possibility of making this project the official UI builder (looking at JSONForms team).

Thank you for your attention and support.

Hi @gsingh-ds,

Thanks for sharing this awesome project and demonstration. Nicely done!

In case you will host the editor for the general public and/or make the source available, feel free to open a PR against our website repo to showcase your editor on the community page.

We :heart: open source. Thus, we wholeheartedly support the idea of open-sourcing your editor.

Our current editor has not been updated due to resource constraints, as our focus has been on maintaining the primary JSON Forms packages, i.e. core, bindings and renderer sets. We simply cannot manage the editor to the standard we aspire to without additional resources. If you’re interested in contributing your developments back to the JSON Forms editor repository, we would potentially be interested in a significant one-time contribution. However, please understand that without a support contract, we are unable to commit to ongoing maintenance of the JSON Forms editor.

We look forward to potentially collaborating further and appreciate your support and enthusiasm for open-source development.

Thank you for the response. We will make this project open source in coming few weeks. Will update you shortly.

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