JSON Forms without web browseer


I’m new to JSON Forms and just installed the first some examples (Ubuntu) and I’m impressed by it’s possibility. I already know some cases how I may use it in future.

But now in this moment I’m searching an UI framework that creates an UI with (some limited) inputs based on JSON data. So just like form from the features, but very strictly targeted as desktop application and not running in a browser.

I had an initial look to Electron to run JS apps in a desktop window. Maybe that might be a practical solution. But not sure yet.

So I’ve two (stupid) questions:

  1. Might it be possible to implement/integrate a JSON Forms UI render backend for a desktop framework (e.g. Gtk)?
  2. Implement something similar as JSON Forms with similar/same JSON schema, but just targeting desktop UI frameworks.

Is there something that fits better for me than JSON Forms? Has anybody comments to my ideas or recommendations to search for something else.