How to transform multiple rows of individual data into single row using unique identifier

i have logs coming to my SQS queue , each log has unique contact id and event generated for it. so a unique contact id has multiple events generated to it. SQS triiggers the Lambda function, Lambda retreives the messages from SQS. It then search the dynamoDB for any existing messages with Key=ContactID. If found Update/appendthe value with new data else create a new entry.When the final event is generated, it searches the DynaoDB with Key=ContactID, Update the final value.
This has to be written in Json. I have no idea of programming . And i really need help on this. I would be really gratefull for help

Hi @abhishek124,

This seems like you are tasked with implementing some functionality with AWS. I would recommend checking their docs, e.g. SQS, Lamdba and Dynamo DB developer documentations. Also it probably helps if you ask for guidance from the person giving you this task.

JSON Forms is a JSON Schema based approach for rendering forms. I’m pretty sure that JSON Forms is therefore unrelated to your issues.