How to change the value of fields dynamically depending on another field

can we change the value of fields (example: set value true on multiple checkbox/radio buttons) dynamically in the same group depending on the checkbox value changes.
can we add custom rules or if there is any other solution please suggest (React using material renderer)

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Hi @suman_sb,

JSON Forms does not offer this functionality out of the box. You basically have three options:

  1. Write a custom renderer which not only changes its own data but also the data it affects
  2. Listen to data changes outside of JSON Forms and hand in modified data back to JSON Forms
  3. Customize AJV to modify the data as part of the validation process

Note that we also would like to add some kind of middleware to JSON Forms which would be similar to option 2 but in a “cleaner” way, i.e. with one less render step.