Formfield "Description" Value is not displayed in Angular

Hello everyone.

I seem to have a rather simple, but troublesome issue.
When I try to use the “description” key for the definition of a property, the description text does not get displayed. I am currently trying out JSON Forms using the Angular Seed provided here:

I have just copied the basic example from the website:

When entering something into the “Name” field I noticed, that on the website the defined description is shown, but not when I use the example with the angular seed on my machine.

Is this a known issue or maybe something that angular does not support?
Is there a way to get this to work? Maybe using a custom renderer?


Hi @Thani,

I can confirm that this seems to be broken in the current Angular Material renderers. Using the option showUnfocusedDescription: true still seems to work, however then the description is shown at all times and not only when the corresponding field is focused.

Can you open a bug report agains the main repository?

Thank you for the information, I will create a bug report as suggested.