Custom Cell Tester

Hi, I have a custom table renderer and using custom cell renderers. However, I keep getting the ‘no applicable cell found’ error.

What should be passed into generate cells?

Hi @avwchapman,

Can you provide more information? As you have the table renderer and the cells under your control, you must make sure that the information handed over to the cell dispatcher is also the information you check against in your testers.

If both of these align, then your cell renderer should apply.

As a debugging technique you could register a cell renderer which is valid for all parameters and then compare to what you are testing against in your testers. There must be a mismatch.

Fixed that but now running into this issue

I am trying to pass a uischema to DispatchCell

It seems that undefined is passed instead of an actual uischema?

This is an example of a uischema I am trying to pass to DispatchCell.
“type”: “Control”,
“label”: “Title”,
“options”: {
“display”: false,
“format”: “input”,
“serviceInfo”: null
“layout”: {
“width”: 12

Note sure where the

undefined (reading rule)

comes from then. As this rather indicates that the uischema is undefined.

However a Control always needs a scope as it always refers to a property of the schema. If Control without a scope is a use case for you, then you need a custom renderer which can handle them.