When l custom Cell successfully,the props lack “handleChange" prop,how to emit a data change

when l use the “withJsonFormsCellProps” to custom a cell, l find the props lack “handleChange" prop,so when l edit a “input”,how to emit the data ,thanks!

Hi @davidxwwang,

The handleChange prop should also exist for all cells.

Can you show your custom cell renderer code and how the cell is registered?

hi,thanks! the reason is l do register the cell in the way uncorrectly , now it works.

const cellRenderer: JsonFormsCellRendererRegistryEntry = {
  // cell: withJsonFormsCellProps(MyMaterialTextCell),    <---- the error register style
  cell: myCell,               //  <---- the right register style
  tester: myTextCellTester

This is weird, I would have expected that the commented version also works.