Custom component for table

custom component for table comes under custom layout or custom renderer?
I want to make available multiple select column in table. How can I proceed for this, can anyone help regarding this.

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Hi @shubham6542, both “custom layout” as well as “custom renderer” work exactly the same in general. We just have two different tutorials for them as these are the most common use cases, and it serves to illustrate the different utility functions provided by JSON Forms.

If I understand you correctly then you would like to customize a cell in the table instead of customizing the whole table. This can be done with the cells support we have. cells work exactly like renderers with the difference that they are only used within tables instead of the whole form.

You can look at the implementation of the enum cell renderer which basically just calls our material UI wrapper MuiSelect. You’ll need to provide a customized MuiSelect, withJsonFormsEnumCellProps and materialEnumCellTester.


Yes, I want to make one cell as multi value enum


Is it possible to do so without custom renderer