Angular 16 Support

Is it possible to support Angular16, or can I help adding support?

Hi @Namue,

In general we always would like to support the latest Angular release. Community contributions are welcomed to achieve this. However they should be of “high quality”, i.e. the build and test cases should still work afterwards and the Angular seed should be updated. If you (or someone else) is willing to do that, then we’re happy to accept a contribution.

Depending on the enthusiasm we would also like to see a general refactoring of how our Angular libraries are built. This should help to for example finally support Angular Ivy. See #1546 for more information.

That means I have to implement it myself and make a pull request?
I’m not sure if I’m able to implement this, but I’ll give it a try for the next weeks.
If someone else wants to deal with it, who is maybe already more familiar with the topic, then I would also like to let him go first.

@sdirix is it ok, that an update of the project only supports the newest angular version, or is the goal to support all versions from 12 to latest?

Hi @Namue,

It’s fine to only support the latest Angular version if that is required. Often they are quite compatible, so when a new version is compatible to the old one we just indicate as such via our peerDependency ranges.