Angular 16 / Ivy support

Hi @sdirix,

With the upgrade of my application to Angular 16 I bumped onto this compiler error:

jsonforms.module.d.ts(1, 22): This likely means that the library (@jsonforms/angular) which declares JsonFormsModule is not compatible with Angular Ivy. Check if a newer version of the library is available, and update if so. Also consider checking with the library's authors to see if the library is expected to be compatible with Ivy.

What are your plans for the future? When do you expect to be ready for Ivy?


Hi @cornelos,

In general we would like to support Ivy. For this we should solve #1546. Related are #2116, #2085, #2138 and #1993.

In summary: We should switch to a proper Angular library build as it is now the standard for Angular libraries. Then we can update to later Angular versions and/or enable ivy.

Community contributions very welcome. We recently overhauled the repository to a modern pnpm setup, so switching the Angular build should be easier than in the past.