Update to Angular 8?

Hi there. Any plans to make JSONForms compatible with Angular 8 ? From what I understand 2.3.0 will only work with Angular 7.

[original thread by Peter Hewat]

Thanks for the request. We want to keep our core renderer sets up to date, so we definitely like to support Angular 8. We’ll try to include such an update for the next release, so I created a ticket for that: Update to Angular 8/9 · Issue #1463 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub. If you’d like to contribute I’ll happily look at any provided PR :wink:

Update: We moved to Angular 9 with Feat/angular9 by eneufeld · Pull Request #1532 · eclipsesource/jsonforms · GitHub. This will be part of the official 2.4.0 release. For now we released an alpha version which can be installed via

npm install @jsonforms/core@next @jsonforms/angular@next @jsonforms/angular-material@next


npm install @jsonforms/core@2.4.0-alpha.0 @jsonforms/angular@2.4.0-alpha.0 @jsonforms/angular-material@2.4.0-alpha.0