Vuetify suggestion for String Array

The basic example shows options: suggestion on a string property.

Put a suggestion on a string array, and it does not look like it makes it down the dispatch.

Is there are way to have suggestions appear in the UI for a string array?

{  "type": "object",

  "properties": { 
"applicationCategory": {
      "title": "Application function and subfunction",
      "description": "strings use special syntac like {function: ... uri: ... }. The function value is the label associated with the ECRR uri in the function vocabulary (",

          "type": "array",
          "items": {
            "type": "string"


UI Schema:

                  "label": "Function",
                  "type": "Control",
                  "scope": "#/properties/applicationCategory",
                  "options": {
                         "suggestion": ["abc", "abcdr", "dffss","uuuu"],

                                   "autocomplete": true


Hi @valentinedwv,

the suggestion option does not work on primitive array strings. We could think about handing over the options for the array control to its children, but at the moment it’s not supported.

You can either go for a custom renderer and just implement the functionality yourself or you switch to the “array layout” renderer by handing over a detail UI Schema for the array. There the suggestion would work as its applied to the usual string control renderer. However the UI is probably not that great for items which only consists of strings.