Labels for array of strings

I have raw data that is an array of strings:

"rule_dimensions: ["A", "B", "C"]

My UI Schema is:

  "type": "VerticalLayout",
  "elements": [
      "type": "Control",
      "label": true,
      "scope": "#/properties/rule_dimensions",
      "options": {
        "detail": "GENERATED"

This shows as:

What I want you to notice is that none of the rows show labels. Is it possible to create labels for these as the values of the string?

The label of each array layout element is determined either via the UI Schema option elementLabelProp or via the first primitive attribute it can find.

In your case I would expect that the string content is shown. As that doesn’t work this is a bug with the code here. My guess is that the “first primitive attribute finder” is not being able to find the “items root” as a primitive. We probably did not notice that yet because we typically don’t use the array layout rendering for a single primitive type as the UI is less than ideal for that.

Is there a particular reason you are invoking "detail": "GENERATED" here? If not using that the table renderer instead of the array layout renderer would be used.

When I tried without a detail entry, the array showed up fully expanded. My hope was to have them collapsed to give the “circle” icon to the left.

We have two different renderers for arrays: A table-like renderer for primitive and flat objects and a layout renderer in which each entry is rendered separately within a collapsible.

By using detail: "GENERATED the use of the layout-renderer is forced. The layout renderer takes up strictly more space as the table renderer, as instead of a single row for each entry you get a whole collapsible.

If you are using vuetify… there is an issue:

Here is the control i created to just render the strings.:

Thanks for the report! Yes in the code base we accidentally both use elementLabelProp and childLabelProp at the same time. This was not intended, we’ll check for a backward compatible solution.