Labels in arrays of detail: GENERATED


I am using Angular, and I would like to include labels in arrays of type detail: GENERATED.

(New users can only attach one media file, thus I am placing it all inside one picture)

Here is an example of my array field. Upon inspecting the page, I can see that there is a mat-label tag in the code. My code can be seen from the screenshot (layout and validation)

I tried to include the label key in every location inside the code but it didn’t work. I also tried the elementLabelProp but it didn’t work neither.

Any other suggestion?

Hi @Slontz,

you can use title in JSON Schema to set a label for an element. If you rather want to set the label via the UI Schema, then instead of using GENERATED you can directly specify the UI Schema to use and thereby modify the labels.

Hi @sdirix,

Thank you very much for the quick and accurate response.

title in JSON Schema solved my issue.

Many thanks again!

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