Vuetify Enum Renderers not working

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the default vuetify renderer for enums in my form, but it won’t work correctly.

When I change the value of the drop down to something else it does display that new value in the v-select, but behind the scenes the data object is not updated.

I’ve also tried implementing a custom enum renderer, but updating the object in the renderer has no effect on the data object that is later displayed in the parent component.

How to reproduce:

I took the first enum example directly from the website (Multiple Choice - JSON Forms) using the default vuetify renderers that are provided in the json forms vuetify library ( @jsonforms/vue-vuetify). Then try to change the data using the dropdown and observe that the underlying data object does not get updated (Illustrated in this screenshot, above the dropdown the data object is printed).

Can this be reproduced/should I raise an issue on git or am I doing something wrong?


Hi @ideaconsider ,

please note that the Vuetify renderers are in a preview state. So bugs might be expected.
Which version are you using.
Issue jsonforms-vuetify-renderers#99 seems like it could be the same issue you are encountering. Looking at the issue comments, it should be fixed with version v3.2.0-preview-alpha.3. If you don’t already use that could you try again with this version?

Best regards,

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Hi Lucas,

thank you so much for your quick reply! I upgraded to the specified version and the enums work as expected now :slight_smile: (I was using ^3.1.0-preview.0 before).

Do you have an estimate when a stable release for the vuetify library may be expected?

Hi @ideaconsider ,
I’m glad this fixed your problem. Unforntunately, there is no expected date for a stable release as we don’t currently have resources or sponsored development available to do this. However, we are happy to accept contributions to improve its quality :slight_smile: Also see Renderer sets - JSON Forms