Vue Vanilla and AllOf

Hello, I’m having issues with JSONForms and the default VueVanilla renderers when passing schemas containing a root “allOf” element.

Basically when I try and use the default json-forms component, it simply prints “No applicable renderer”, presumably because there’s no renderer for “allOf” types. (If I’m wrong here and VueVanilla does support allOf, please let me know!)

I tried to implement one myself based on the other integrations in the github repo but that’s also giving me issues where the sub-elements (which use $refs) aren’t resolvable (within createCombinatorRenderInfos) because there’s no “rootSchema” property on any of the renderer components after the initial DispatchRenderer.

I’m pretty new to Vue so following the props/data/computed has been tricky, it looks like DispatchRenderer gets the rootSchema (computed) value from the call to useJsonFormsRenderer but it doesn’t pass it down to the sub-renderers?

That was a bit of a brain dump, apologies if it didn’t make sense.

I’d appreciate any help/suggestions, many thanks in advance!

Try the Vuetify renderer set GitHub - eclipsesource/jsonforms-vuetify-renderers