Using JSonforms with bootstrap4

Hey all,
I’m going to use this library for an angular project I’m working on. We are using bootstrap4 for our UI. From what I understand we have a set of angular material renderers available. If I wanted my form to be bootstrap, would I need to create custom renderers for each type (input, button, checkbox, select, etc.)? If so, does anyone have an example angular renderer I could reference? I’ve seen the rating renderer in the documentation, but that’s in React. I’m relatively new to angular so having something to reference would help me greatly.


Hi @Jayrack813,

As you probably don’t want to use any of the Material renderers in your app I would like to suggest to start a new renderer set from scratch instead of replacing the Material renderers one by one with bootstrap ones.

Custom renderers and our off-the-shelf renderers are implemented in exactly the same way. I think the best way to go about it is to more or less copy the Angular Material renderer set, removing all the more “complex” renderers and replacing the implementation of the basic ones with Bootstrap. For an MVP all you need are basic layouts (Vertical/Horizontal) and some primitive renderers like String and Number.