Text missing on modal for deleting array items


When I click on the trashcan icon to delete an array item, I am not seeing the expected text:

Instead I’m seeing the buttons and modal, but no text:


Despite that fact that it looks like it might be a styling issue related to my application’s custom CSS, I checked the markup and confirmed that none of the text is there.

I believe that i18n features were recently added. I’m wondering if there is anything I need to do in order to have it use the default translations. It seems like, for some reason, my application is not set up to use them.

Thank you for any tips!

Hi @brockfanning ,
you should not need to do anything to get the default translations. Did you notice any other missing texts?
Just to be sure: Do you hand in an i18n property to the <JsonForms> component and maybe forgot a translation in your translation function?

Best regards,

@lucas-koehler Sorry for the noise, this was due to a custom renderer that needed to be updated.

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