Standalone cdn version?

Forgive my naivety but is there anyway to fiddle around with jsonforms via a simple set of cdn link/script tags?

I did some digging and found them on jsdelivr. What are the minimum includes I would need to get started using to render a form in a static html page?

Hi @mmlenz,

We don’t offer standalone variants of JSON Forms for <script> consumption. However as we are offering bindings for React, Angular and Vue it’s usually straightforward to combine these together, for example into a Webcomponent.

An older Angular based Webcomponent build can be found here (source). A community contributor also built a Webcomponent variant of the very polished Vue 2 Vuetify renderers. So you could play around with them.

Offering a ready made JSON Forms version for consumption is not in our core scope because we heavily focus on being an extensible framework with which each developer can build their own set of forms renderers, tailor made for their use cases, using our off-the-shelf renderers as a starting point.