Can you use JSONFORMS by loading a CDN?

I’m trying to build a JSONFORM on a JOOMLA website. So I have no means to install JSONFORMS using npm. So is it possible to load the jsonform.js from an CDN and then use it in a javascript?
All pointers are welcome,

Hi @BartJansseune,

Out of the box this is currently not supported. We distribute our libraries for development, they are not set up for a one-off script inclusion.

However this is relatively easy to set up. All you need to do is to bundle the binding and renderer set of your choice into a webcomponent. This webcomponent can then be distributed and consumed via a CDN. We did this for example with an older version of the Angular Material renderers, see here. This is an even older variant for the React renderers.

From the community a contribution was suggested to bundle the Vuetify renderers into a webcomponent.

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your suggestions, I have tried the branch from kchobantonov (Krasimir Chobantonov) · GitHub.
This seems to do the job, but one annoyance that I face is that when I want to delete an element, the v-dialog is is displayed as an overlay over the whole window and the message is only in the bottom left corner. Promably has something to do with how the webcomponent is configured. I guess it’s best to ask Krasimir?

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Here is the web component version that also includes a VS Code extension for preview GitHub - kchobantonov/jsonforms-vuetify-webcomponent: JSONForms Vuetify WebComponent. Right now I do have issues with accessing my npm account and that is why the are no packages deployed on the npm repository but the extension is deployed on the VS Code marketplace - search for JSONForms Vuetify tooling

Check the example provided here JSONForms Vuetify WebComponent how to load the jsonforms vuetify2 renderer set with some additional renderers from CDN