Sequece of Fields Changed


I am having doubt like when i was before using JsonForms in my project the Field were aligned in the way it was supposed to be like

Like this β†’

But i Changed the Design using Custom Renderer Now the fields are aligned differently like this

As You Can See Now its aligned to alphabetical order is it from the design i changed the way its getting rendered or is it something else can anyone tell as soon as possible its urgent ???

Hi @AnthonyAkash,

Just using custom field renderers should not change the order of the fields presented. The order of controls is indicated by the UI Schema. If no UI Schema is given, our UI Schema generator just iterates through the JSON Schema, so the controls are ordered according to the properties in the JSON Schema.

Of course with custom rendering anything is possible, for example a custom layout renderer may be ignoring the order of controls in the UI Schema and sort them itself or the custom field renderers set some flex box ordering themselves.

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Ok i get it But Before changing the UI to custom renderer I got the response in this format

Screenshot 2024-01-10 172233

But After changing the UI with Custom Renderer i am getting the same response but the fields are now aligned properly but before the response was like this and u can see how the fields are aligned in the previous message i did the before and after images

Hi @AnthonyAkash,

I don’t have any new information for you :confused: .

Our default UI schema generator will produce a VerticalLayout with a Control for each of the properties in the order as they are defined in the JSON Schema.

Our default layout renderer will then just render the Controls one after each other.

So if the order changes for you when custom renderers are in play, then because they do something different.