Schema not getting rendered for nested objects

Hi I am seeking help to get name, lastname and age renderered in ui which is under nested objects.
i am able to render the id field with below data json but cant get rendered the name and other fields inside userdetails. I am trying to render it inside the table with this custom renderr for the array table renderer

 id : "12",
 address: [
   roomNo : "345",
   userDetails: {
     "name" : "Ankit",
     "lastname" : "Pal",
     "age" : "NA"

I’m using jsonforms 2.5.2 with Angular

I’ve made a stackblitz for this with schema, uischema and data json for reference in the below stackblitz
i’m seeking help to get the number rendered in to the ui in a seperate column for table but couldnt see it getting rendered in ui . I am using custom component for table-renderer

This is actually a bug this shouldnt happen when i tried logging the routes and scoped schema noticed that it wasnt reading any of the scoped schemas for nested object anyways i fixed it thanks for looking

Hi @howdyAnkit ,
I’m glad you could solve your problem. In cae you are just starting out, I’d like to suggest using JsonForms 3.0, concretely the tag v3.1.0-alpha.1. This might fix the issue you had and also severely increased the performance of the angular renderers.

Thanks @lucas-koehler for mentioning also wanted to know the approach for one of below custom renderer

i want to build a custom renderer for a field let say for example firstname and lastname now this data comes speratley in backend. i want to map this to the schema json and uischema json. can you suggest me how can i achieve this and map this same data to custom renderer.

I’m assuming my firstname and lastname should have seperate schemas so that can bind together in custom ui but I cant think of a way how can i map in custom renderer should i apply this to value field in text ?

reading this again and i think i didnt explained the query above properly

I waant the firstname field and lastname field in a single fild as fullname in ui.