Providing refParserOptions and custom ajv instance to Context Based JSON Forms

I’m using v2.3.0-alpha.0, previously I was dispatching the following action

  store.dispatch(Actions.init(drugData, drugSchema, uischema, {
    ajv: ajv,
    refParserOptions: {
      resolve: {

But after migrating to use context based JSONForms component it appears to not be using the custom resolver.

I notice the JsonFormsInitStateProps

export interface JsonFormsInitStateProps {
    data: any;
    schema: JsonSchema;
    uischema: UISchemaElement;
    renderers: JsonFormsRendererRegistryEntry[];

Do not include ajv or refParserOptions. Is there another way to provide these options now or is this something I can submit a PR for?

[original thread by Lily]

[Edgar Müller]

Right, it’s simply missing currently, so a PR would be really great!