Jsonforms-property-view .control>input width

the jsonforms-property-view .control>input with always 180, when I drag to the right it does not shrink, this is not good enough for us. I look at the ‘jsonforms-property-view.css’ and ‘example.css’ and do not find 180 for with. I set min-width also does not affect. Does this value be calculated in code-behind? How could I make input shrink when with less than 180?

this is the gif I operate for the above situation

Hi @wss29,

This is the CSS which is bundled with the JSON Forms Property view: jsonforms-property-view/jsonforms-property-view.css at e7c25a7834d3dcfe63979a41e30c345e76ecf94e · eclipse-emfcloud/jsonforms-property-view · GitHub

You can override it as you see fit with your own CSS.

I indeed looked at the jsonforms-property-view.css , I tried many override css settings but they were unuseful. the minwidth of input is always 180px. I want to it to be small a little for example 50px is ok.
do you know which one is the key point?