fullWidth option?


Thanks in advance. My form (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) looks funny since the fields are fullWidth by default. I was not able to find a way to set that MUI property to false. I did notice that there is an option you can set in the uischema called multi and found this function that checks if multi is true.

export const isMultiLineControl = and(
optionIs(‘multi’, true)

Is there a way to do something similar but controls the width? Or will I need to create a custom renderer just for that?

[original thread by Ricardo Guntur]

[Ricardo Guntur]

I solved my specific problem but I don’t think the solution is great. I overrode the MuiInputBase’s width, with MUI theme override. But this would change all input widths. It works for me since I don’t have other inputs.

[Edgar Müller]

No, currently not. It’s expected that you either handle it via theme (like you did) or by wrapping the entire form and constraint the width. I think we could provide an option, but we’ll probably won’t be able to tackle this anytime soon, but we’d welcome a PR of course.

[Ricardo Guntur]

Thanks! If there’s a need for us to have more granular control, we’ll open a PR.