High speed Typing Issue

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I want to ask, can I disable complete validation to solve this problem, if it is possible than please suggest the way or if there is any other solution available to tackle this problem, then please describe.

Hi @SatendraRaghav,

Validation can be disabled via validationMode: 'NoValidation'. However the debounce remains because we are adding it independently of the validation mode.

Hi @SatendraRaghav,
I had a similar problem and with a bit of profiling I noticed that above a certain window width there was a quite expensive Layout (or reflow in firefox) re-calculation, especially for very big schemas with loads of rendered elements. I am using a custom MaterialGroupLayout rendered, and my solution was to give a fixed width (or variable widths using media queries) to the mui material Card component. Now everything works like a charm even with validation and for very large schemas.
I hope that this can help.

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Thank all for your answers, After disable validation problem not solve, may be because of big schema or lots of component in my form. So I not call updatevalue function everytime on user input, I call it on typing complete and by this approach i solve my issue.

Thank you @andrecchia, In my case i call update value function when typing in input field stop and this work for me