Jsonforms and node 16?

Wondering if this is ready to work with vue2, vue-cli-service with webpack 5, and node16 yet? I tried updating today and got some errors around json-schema-ref-parser resolvers for http and https with webpack 5. I configured fallbacks for those, but when launching a form I now get this console error:

‘jsonforms’ or ‘dispatch’ couldn’t be injected. Are you within JSON Forms? in data()

Hi @naomi, for out-of-the-box Webpack 5 support you need to upgrade to JSON Forms 3.0 Alpha. You can do this via the next stream, e.g. npm install --save @jsonforms/core@next. Doing this I was able to use the latest vitejs, see #1744, which also uses Webpack 5.

Hm @sdirix unfortunately I’m still getting that error. Was the #1744 example using vue2?

Before the error, I get 2 of these warnings:
[Vue warn]: inject() can only be used inside setup() or functional components.

And those warnings trace to here in @jsonforms/vue2:

var useJsonFormsRenderer = function useJsonFormsRenderer(props) {
var jsonforms = compositionApi.inject(‘jsonforms’);
var dispatch = compositionApi.inject(‘dispatch’);

if (!jsonforms || !dispatch) {
throw “‘jsonforms’ or ‘dispatch’ couldn’t be injected. Are you within JSON Forms?”;

Hi @naomi, I can reproduce the problems with @vue/cli@next. I’m currently uncertain whether the problem lies in the @next vue tooling, the JSON Forms build or just a mismatch of configurations. The rework of the JSON Forms build is high on our priority list, so maybe the issue then resolves itself. I’ll test with @vue/cli@next when working on the issue.

Okay sounds good, thank you @sdirix. When I installed the 3.0 alpha version I didn’t use @next, so hopefully that helps narrow things down