Json Schema - how to render inline HTML tags with schema value

So I am wondering if anyone has had to render a < HTML> tag effect within a Json Schema.

For Example:
Json Schema element:
type: “text”,
value: “< h1>The Title</ h1>”

Is there a way to natively render this with the < h1> effect to the “The Title” text when it displays or does this require a custom render like I have seen for something like a “ratings” element that has an integer type, but shows as stars in UI.

Hi @rmcmaneSMT ,
you would need a custom renderer for that. The text renderers simply sets the value to the input and thus treat this as a normal string.
The label renderers also do not process their text as HTML but as a simple string.

Lucas-Koehler - thanks for the quick reply and confirming what my approach would need to be.

thanks for the awesome information.