How to update styles on MaterialArrayControlRenderer

I need some help here, I’ve been trying to fix that minor style issue that is the title is under the count, I’m trying to do a custom MaterialArrayControlRenderer but I’m very new and I think is overwork for adding padding to the left,
do you have any tips to solve this?

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 14.58.45

Hi @luis91,

Ah yes that should get fixed at some point. Feel free to open an issue against the JSON Forms repo for this.

Fixing this via a custom renderer is not that straightforward because it consists of multiple nested components. So you would need to copy all of them to adapt this small detail. Of course you can do so if you’d like. As you noticed it’s the MaterialArrayLayoutRenderer. The problematic code is in ExpandPanelRenderer.

I did not look into it but I would think that this could be solved via some outside CSS too.