How to displayed checkboxes for array type

Hi there,
This is my first foray into JsonForms and this community so here goes - thanks to anyone who has the time to respond:
I’d like to render a set of checkboxes as described by this playground (see Arrays section) react-jsonschema-form playground

But am confused with the documentation i see elsewhere as it seems to be showing a different type of ui schema altogether…

My schema:

“aSetOfThings” : {
   “type” : “array”
   “uniqueItems” : true,
   “items” : {
      “type” : “string”
      “enum” : [ “Bob”, “Dave”, “Eric” ]

My UI Schema:

   “type” : “Control”,
   “scope” : “#/properties/aSetOfThings”
   “label” : “Who would you like to join?”
   “options” : {
      “ui:widget” : “checkboxes”. <- Clearly wrong but not sure how to do it.

The link above mentions using “ui:widget” : “checkboxes” in its ui schema example but im not sure how that fits into this “type” : “Control” world.

I’d like to be able to display a simple set of check boxes shown for all the enums specified… and one render the ones selected that have that data value.

Please can someone help?


[original thread by Simon Robinson]

Hi @simon-robinson(simon-robinson), react-jsonschema-form is a completely different framework from JSON Forms. You can find our website with more information at You might also want to check out our React seed.

Note that we don’t offer a multi-select checkbox renderer for an array of enums. You will need to write a custom renderer for that.

[Simon Robinson]

Ah, doh! Many thanks for your quick response. Will need to dive into the custom renderer then :slight_smile: